Locked Fingers

"My husband got a magnet on monday & today (wednesday) he can open & close his hands without cracking & pain.  Please send me 2 more because of the great relief my husband got.  

A Brennan, Wexford, Ireland

Back Pain

"The magnetic bracelet has been a wonderful help to my whole back.  I would like to order a further magnetic bracelet as I was in the USA & my sister had pain problems in her hips & legs.  I loaned her my bracelet & it seemed to help her too."

  E McCullagh, Bangor, N.Ireland 


Shoulder Pain & Sleep disorder

"Ken seems to be sleeping much better & his shoulder is not so painful.  Please send me 3 more for my daughter, my friend & myself."  

 N McCullagh, Bangor, N.Ireland


Frozen Shoulder

"My pain used to wake me up every night & I couldn't lift my arm up high or use it normally without pain.  Since wearing my magnetic bracelet, I have had pain relief within 24 hours of wearing it, & I have never looked back since." 

  C Deering, Monaghan, Ireland