Magnetism  or Magnetic Therapy has been around for a very long time & is as natural as air or water.  In fact, the earth itself is One Large Magnetic Field so all life includiing humans, animals & plants benefit from it.  The Egyptian Cleopatra is believed to have had magnets sewn into her headress to preserve her youthful appearance. (Maybe it was to have the pineal gland in the brain, to produce more melatonin)!!.. So what is the story??


How do Magnetic Bracelets help with pain relief?

Magnetic Bracelets gives off a magnetic field when they are worn on the wrist (& sometimes the ankle) which is believed to effect the blood in a way that it improves circulation, so this in turn increases absorption of oxygen & nutrients in the blood, assists natural healing & therefore pain relief.    


This allows the body's natural pain relief chemicals - endorphins - to flow more efficiently around the body helping to combat PAIN, STRESS & FATIGUE. A magnetic field penetrates every cell that is exposed to the field.  This influences the ion exchange within the cell so it helps with the oxygenation of the cell.  This is why its important for healing within the body.


How can Magnetic Bracelets heal our bodies?

Magnetic Bracelets seem to improve the circulation of our blood.  When toxins are present in our body, this can cause inflammation & therefore Pain.  So with improved blood circulation in our body, this brings life to those dead tissues by removing the toxins that cause the inflammation, thus removing the pain. So wearing Magnetic Bracelets then allows the body to work at optimum levels & bring healing.  


How does a Magnetic Bracelet help?

 When you wear a Magnetic Bracelet on your wrist (or ankle) which is a pulse point, the magnetic field penetrates that area of the blood flow allowing the increase of electrical conductivity,  which creates a weak current & increases the quantity of ions. The blood then that is newly ionized circulates the body,  improving ozygenation to cell tissue.  This improves the blood flow, which is live enhancing.  So the better the blood flow along with better quality effects our healing ability & our overall health. 


Are Magnetic Bracelets SAFE? 

Magnetic Bracelets are not thought to have any negative side effects or complications & can be used in conjuction with medial medicine.  It is a non-invasive therapy.  However they are not suitable for pregnant mothers or people with pacemakers. Anyone wearing a battery operated device should not wear a Magnetic Bracelet.  


What ailments can be helped by wearing a Magnetic Bracelet?

Millions of people worldwide use Magnetic Bracelets for ailments such as Sciaticia, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Lower back pain, Back pain, Joint pains, Poor circulation, Repetitive Strain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Migranes, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Inflammation, Insomonia, Low energy, Sports Injuries and lots more.


How long does it take Magnetic Therapy to work?

As our faces differ so do our needs.  This also applies to the speed of results with wearing a Magnetic Bracelet.  There is a great success rate of people with positive results which is about 80%, these people are seeing results from as little as a few hours, to days, to a few weeks.  There are people Magnetic Bracelets will simply not work with, just like it does with any conventional medicne or other alternative therapys.


Are buying Magnetic Bracelets, worth the risk?

Well first of all, wearing Magnetic Bracelets they are NON-additive & can be wore as frequent as you like with NO side effects OR they can be worn as needed. Secondly if there is an 80% chance you could be free from pain from ailments mentioned above such as Sciatica, Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lower back pain, Back pain etc then I would say YES its worth the risk.  AS its NOT repeat perscription, a ONE off PURCHACE of a Magnetic Bracelet should sort your ailment long term.  



No product on this websiteis is sold as a medical device.  We strongly recommend that you seek advice from conventional medical professionals for any medical condition.